Organic Coriander Leaves 1Pcs

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Our Organic Coriander Leaves are grown in hygienic environment without the use of any chemicals in its life time.

They can be used to add more flavour to your dishes.

Health Benefits Of Coriander Leaves

Digestion : Coriander leaves is good for antibiotics to overcome digestive problem.

Perfect Antioxidant: This is because caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid that are able to hamper free radical that causes oxidation, especially in our skin.

Anti Cancer Agent : The antioxidants in coriander leaves, includes beta carotene, vitamin C and E, caffeic acid, ferulic, quercetin, kaempferold are extremely beneficial for eradicating cancer.

Reducing High Blood Pressure :Consuming coriander leaves if effectively proven to reduce high blood pressure to hypertension patients. 

Preventing and Healing Anemia :They contain iron that is helpful for anemia patient. 

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